Shadows of autumn

outfits 10:47 PM

On Wednesdays we wear black

outfits 9:29 PM

Letter to Santa Claus

christmas 12:26 AM

Pastel wonderland

outfits 10:42 AM

Faded fantasy

outfits 2:45 PM

Breathing in snowflakes

outfits 9:58 PM

Pink Panther

outfits 6:12 PM

Pastel pink hair / pastelowe różowe włosy

hair 11:14 PM

Mint dreams

outfits 6:07 PM

Unicorns exist

outfits 12:15 PM

Gothic mermaid

outfits 2:16 PM

Silver dust

outfits 9:02 PM

My silver lilac hair / moje siwo fioletowe włosy

hair 7:11 PM

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