Last Christmas

christmas 7:41 PM

Cobalt prom

outfits 8:51 PM

Christmas tartan

outfits 12:33 PM

Earth without art is just Eh

art 6:28 PM

Many of my shadows

outfits 9:02 PM

How to style sporty shoes

wishlist 9:21 PM

Where is my mind?

outfits 12:32 PM

Halloween costume ideas

wishlist 10:20 AM

Nothing else matters

outfits 4:04 PM

Lavender hair tutorial - tonowanie włosów na fioletowo

hair 1:43 PM

Perfect coats for autumn

wishlist 1:55 PM

Gray is my new black

outfits 1:11 PM

Trip to Zakopane

travels 2:51 PM

Burgundy coat

outfits 12:38 PM

Back to school outfit ideas

wishlist 4:13 PM

Sunny day in Ahlbeck

travels 2:45 PM

CnDirect review

11:20 AM

Classy white

outfits 7:51 PM

Heaven and hell

outfits 9:31 PM

Berlin Fashion Week showrooms ss16

Fashion Week 9:54 PM

Summer outfit ideas

wishlist 12:40 PM

My insta diary

instagram 8:26 PM

Aliens from the Moon

outfits 7:02 PM

Bohemian Rhapsody

outfits 4:25 PM

Video : DIY floral crown

DIY 9:09 PM

Black and white

outfits 11:08 PM

Review : Lavera cosmetics

makeup 10:13 PM

Mixed prints

outfits 9:44 PM

Review : Alexandre Marc I

makeup 11:03 PM

Pink hair tutorial - czyli jak farbuję włosy na różowo

hair 9:02 AM

Cherry red

outfits 9:59 PM

Roses are red violets are blue...

outfits 10:14 PM

Spotkanie blogerek 27.01.2015

meetings 7:51 PM

In the crimson world

outfits 12:38 AM

Come back to the 50's

outfits 6:13 PM

Christmas glam

christmas 10:49 AM

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